Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Winning White Pageant Gowns: White Gowns from the Miss USA Top 5

Theres an old saying that it takes a "white dress" to win a pageant. While this pageant phrase has proved itself to be a myth over the years, three distinctive white dresses still made their way to the Top 5 at the Miss USA pageant. Here are three of the five gowns of the highest placed contestants at Miss USA!

Peyton Brown- Miss Alabama USA
Miss Alabama seemed to channel her inner greek goddess as she floated across the stage. The center slit allowed her light-as-air skirt to waft around her as she strutted down the Miss USA runway.  We love the gold accents on her custom Sherri Hill gown- it adds such a regal and glam touch that is so quintessential Miss USA!
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Emani Davis- Miss Georgia USA 
This fashion-forward gown strikes us as the epitome of a powerful woman. This angelic design is business in the front with the broad, floral shoulders and plunging neckline. However, it's a party in the back, showcasing an elegant cape proving that "Lois Lane" can be superman too. Looks like Sherri Hill was busy designing more than one gown for this competition...

Chelsea Hardin- Miss Hawaii USA
If you could call one gown on the Miss USA stage unique, it would be this one! The nude-lace combination was eye-catching and sassy. We can't forget about that fun white train either! Everything about this dress screamed that it was daring, dramatic, and dauntless. It took some serious guts to step out on this stage in an unconventional pageant gown. Also, unlike most of her competitors, Miss Hawaii found her dress at a local shop in Houston, TX called Wardrobe the Boutique! 

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