Monday, November 30, 2015

If Disney Princess’ were going to Prom 2016…

This Week's MVD Tiffany Designs has a plethora of beautiful prom dresses lined up for the Spring 2016 season! While each dress brings something new, fun, and sassy to the collection, we found a few that just scream royalty- Disney royalty!

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty definitely won’t be snoozing through prom this year. With a gorgeous gown like Tiffany Design’s 16152, she’ll be too excited to miss out on strutting into the dance in this beautiful sheer-back a-line evening gown. This bead work is fit for a princess, or maybe just a queen (A prom queen that is!). The flattering bedazzled boat neck will work with any girl’s silhouette and broaden your shoulders for a strong, royal appearance. You could say we’ve seen this dress a few times, once upon a dream.

Beauty and the Beast might be a tale as old as time, but this jaw dropping yellow fit and flare prom dress is quite the opposite! We all know Belle had a killer figure that had all the village people singing about her beauty, so she would totally be showing it off! This curvy gown will turn the heads of everyone in the room with it’s bold color, but it’s train floating down the back shows it is truly fit for Royalty. Be Our Guest at French Novelty and see why this dress would make a Beauty out of anyone!

Disney can try and convince us believe Cinderella left the ball because of a “magic-spell”, but I don’t buy it. If her gown had 1/5th of the style as this gorgeous powder blue A-line gown, she’d be running away from all the guys dying for a dance with her. It’s no doubt Cinderella was a head turner, and in this design, accented by glittering gems and an endlessly flowing skirt, you’ll be surely that. Cinderella's ensemble has had everyone talking for over a century, but if you're seen in this dress, you might just catch up with her. 

Jasmine was all about a two-piece in Aladdin and she had the perfectly drawn cartoon figure to rock it! Things would be no different for her at Prom 2016! She would take the classic crop top element and work it in a stunning fit and flare two piece with intricate embellishments. Throughout the movie, we see that her kingdom, Agraba’s style is based off sensual silhouettes and pattern-work. The etching on the top and the ends of the skirt reflect that style perfectly. Combined with the sultry black shade of the dress and the sassy silhouette to help her curves pop, this design is one Disney wish they would have thought of themselves!


Obviously Ariel would be swimming her way into prom in a mermaid style gown like this head turning white lace two piece mermaid prom dress. With her vibrant scarlet tresses, she had to balance her eccentric locks with a clean color to help her hair pop. She couldn’t wear her sea shells to prom because, well, thats just tacky, so she’d be likely to upgrade to this crop top look with a plunging V-neck for added sass. While you might dream of being a mermaid strolling to prom in this dress, by the end of the night you’ll agree the words to Under the Sea should be changed to: darling it’s better being a trend-setter, take it from me!

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