Monday, September 28, 2015

Three Homecoming Essentials as Told by Cats

Homecoming is upon us! Tis the season for adorable cocktail length dresses, rowdy football games, and homecoming date proposals that are #SoCute. You only get four homecomings to go to so why not make the most of them? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

(Cat Memes added for your personal enjoyment)

  1. Take Lot’s of Photos: How are people going to know you had a great time if you don’t plaster it all over social media with a cheesy caption? Photos are a great way to share the memories you made at homecoming and keep a record of the things you did in high school. One day, when you’re looking back, you’ll remember that killer dress you had on, the shoes you got a hundred compliments on, and the awkward dances you shared with John from Pre-Calculus (he hasn’t stopped texting you since). I mean, he was nice and all, but you looked like a queen and he showed up in cargos and a button down. You do the math. 
  1. Go with Fun People: Let’s face it, the quality of your night depends on the quality of your company. Make sure that if you choose to go the couple-y route, aka you reluctantly say yes to your guy-friend who has had a crush on you for like…ever, he’ll be outgoing enough to keep you entertained and laid-back enough to let you do your own thing. Bringing a date makes for the best photos and mildly less uncomfortable slow dances, but going with a group of friends is also a great option. Nothings better than dancing the night away care-free with 8 of your best buds. You can do the chicken dance without worrying about “how cute you look” and pig out at the snacks table completely un-judged. Either way, just make sure your company is hyped up for a wild night!

  1. Wear the perfect ensemble: When you look good, you feel good. It’s a simple science! In fact, getting a dolled up is 90% of the fun at homecoming (the other 10% being divided up amongst embarrassing moments witnessed, dancing, socializing, and messing with chaperones). First, you’ve got to say yes to that perfect dress! Pop into French Novelty with your best girlfriends and play dress up for an hour-or two! Homecoming 2015 is full of amazing dresses from Sherri Hill, Alyce Paris, Tony Bowls, and so many more! Feeling like a queen is just the first step towards having the time of your life. You’ll look amazing in all of your fantastic pics, wow your date, your friends, and feel like a star strutting into the dance. 

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