Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homecoming Horoscope for Fall 2015

Aries can be headstrong, and this homecoming season is no exception. The perfect date might not be in your future, but you’re determined to turn heads as you walk in to your high school gym. Bold colors like red are not only hot for homecoming 2015, they look hot as well. You’ll be hard to miss in a rockin’ shade of rouge this fall. Try this blazing number from Alyce Paris, not for the faint of heart, with an eye catching tulle skirt and a bedazzled bodice. 
This is the year you’re ready to shed your old image and try something new. You’ve held back previous years, trying to follow the status quo, but no, not this fall! You’ve decided to be daring in a way that challenges stereotypical homecoming dresses. There is no way to enter subtley- this dress demands you to strut into the room, no turning back. This dress doesn’t just express your fresh new attitude, it reflects the rest of this school year. This season, it’s about taking chances, trying something new, and shedding an image you’ve held onto far too long. 
Summers over- you’ve had your fun. You’ve been wild, crazy, and daring. Now? It’s time to bring back elegance and sophistication. You like playing it safe while making a statement. This fall is all about hanging back with your best friends, saving the last dance for your old beau, and making sure you get home before midnight. With a dress like this chic, yet conservative Angela and Alison, people won’t dare keep their eyes off you. You’re feeling classy this fall for a reason- its something people just can't turn their nose up to.
Homecoming is the highlight of fall semester, a busy season that seems to have everything packed into a few months. And summer? Summer was all fun all the time- and you’re missing it. So this year, you should wear something that reflects the kind of fun you want to have at the dance. This brightly colored Hannah S two piece is sure to do just that. This wild pattern is unique and unlike anything else other girls will be bringing in to the gym. After all, girls just want to have fun!
Fall is a busy season for high school girls and there are a lot of changes going on. For now, you just need a reliable dress you know you can count on. A little black dress such as this keyhole angela and alison is your new BFF. It’s tight, comfortable, easy to wear, and beyond figure flattering. Every stitch of the fabric hugs every perfect place for the summer body you’ve kept in tact. This semester is going to be intense and unstable, but the one thing you need not worry about is having the perfect little black dress to help you rock homecoming and any other formal occasion this fall. 
 VIRGO AUG 22 - SEP 23
Sherri Hill   
You’ll be quite the social butterfly this fall! It’s time to make some new friends, head out with a new group to homecoming, and finally talk to that guy from pre-calculus who you have, “like-totally-been-crushing-on-since-like,-freshman-year!” Your personality will be especially dazzling this homecoming season- just like this stunning Sherri Hill that is positively decked out in glitz and glamour. If he doesn’t see how completely radiant you are in this little number, he’s either blind or didn’t show up to homecoming in the first place. 
Sherri Hil   
Everyone else can try and out do you, but you are most definitely queen bee this season. Glamour never goes out of style- it’s a classic. If you walk into the dance with a dress like this deep v a-line, you’re not going to shock, but you sure will turn everyones head. This sophisticated style isn’t something to get the crowds thinking- it’s pure eye candy that is effortless and beautiful on everyone, but you'll do it best. 
You’re going to swamped this season with events-you’re a busy girl. You need something versatile that you can wear to parties, weddings, and most importantly, homecoming. Whether its gracefully making an entrance across the gym floor or dancing the night away at an after party, a versatile cocktail dress like this Mon Cheri is the perfect fit for you. Comfortable, easy to wear, and irresistibly chic. You’ll look fresh off the runway at every event you attend this fall season!
Glitz and glam will be defining words for your homecoming season. Whether it’s a glistening homecoming tiara placed on your head, or just your fabulous homecoming dress, you’ll be regal from head to toe. A dress like this rouge Madison James halter will be the perfect accent to any tiara! This dress emulates a classic elegance that can be perfectly transformed into a gown fit for a queen- a homecoming queen, that is… 
Well aren’t you feeling sassy this fall? High School dress codes can be a drag, and dances this homecoming give you the rare opportunity to break out of your crewnecks and jeans. You’ll be working hard this season and it’s really going to show off in this rocking dress. You’re definitely breaking out of your shell and getting ready to rock this dance with every curve flaunted in a dress like this from Blush. You won’t be afraid to ask anyone to dance…but mostly because you won’t be able to keep off the offers coming at you left and right… 
Things will be going your way this homecoming season! You will finally ask the guy you’ve been thinking about all summer to homecoming- and he’ll say yes. He sure won’t be regretting his decision when he sees you rocking this classy off the shoulder cocktail number from sherri hill. This stunning Sherri Hill number will help you keep it classy, while still maintaining a sassy silhouette and flattering color. You’ll be dancing the night away, happily in your easy to wear dress with your more-than-giddy date by your side. 
Sherri Hill   
It’s only the beginning of the year, and you’re already ready for the end. Homecoming excites you, but prom is really on your mind. You’re feeling a dress that reminds you of your favorite Sherri Hill evening gown you’ve been eyeing all spring. Finally, homecoming gives you the opportunity to partially fulfill that day dream and get the short version of your dream prom gown. You’ll feel comfortable and classic while dancing, chatting, and strutting around the gym. You might even forget that prom is only a mere 9 months away…

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