Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Homecoming dresses that are almost too hot for your A/C lacking gym

       The annual homecoming dance- it’s a thrilling time for high school students. Girls get to dress to the nines and spend hours doing their hair, adjusting their dresses, throwing on pounds of make-up, and gearing their attitudes ready to strut into the sweaty gymnasium like it’s a Parisian runway. (Seriously, they just held PE in there like, four hours ago.) The girls line up one by one, locked-and-loaded behind the doors before their grande entrance. Suddenly the most daring of the group of girls, the girl who is always stepping out on her own and doing things her way, the one with fierce practically written across her forehead, walks forward. She grips the door handle like it’s her very own Excalibur and wields it, throwing the door behind her and prancing straight towards the middle of the dance floor. 
If this sounds like you- if you’re one of these rare gems that dares to push the envelope in everything she does, you’re probably on the hunt for an edgy homecoming dress to compliment your fearless attitude. Lucky for you, the fall 2015 collections are drenched with bold styles that are sure to get the crowds talking and bring you straight into the lime-light. These designs will make standing out from the others a piece of cake so you can focus on owning the dance floor. 

Sherri Hill
   Maybe you’ve got killer abs or just love showing off a little extra skin. The fall homecoming lines are overflowing with these sassy two piece ensembles. Each is unique and brings it’s own flavor of sensuality, whether you like fun tulle skirts or hip-hugging a-lines. No matter what you choose, when you glide into the room, no one will be able to turn away from your jaw-dropping look. Try pairing it with a classy pair of rhinestone pumps to amp up your avant-guard ensemble and make each confident step you take sassier than the next. 

Angela and Alison
   If revealing your entire abdomen isn’t really your taste, try a dress with cut-outs on the sides. This season, you can find cut outs on almost any part of the dress from the waist, to the skirt, and even the collars. Especially hot for Fall are the peek-a-boo slit-sides, however. This allows you to show off a little more skin without creating two separate pieces. By adding a bold pair of hoops and simple heels, you’ll keep all the attention on the intricate top and your grinning, confident expression. 

Sherri Hill
    Are you craving something edgy that maintains a re-wearable timeless elegance? Plunging necklines, while hot for the upcoming homecoming collections, never go out of style. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic silhouette that compliments ladies with sculpted collar bones and torsos that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you’re skeptical about buying a new cocktail dress this season, you can feel assured that purchasing a dress with a deep neckline will be in fashion season after season for trendy outfit repeating. Keep it simple with a pair of classic pumps and basic studs to complete your ensemble. 

Mac Duggal
   For a truly unexpected and unconventional homecoming dress, try a new take on the high-low trend. If you like the keep people on their toes, striding into the dance in a gown thats typical homecoming-business in the front and a trend-setting party in the back. You’ll truly embrace a royal appearance when sashaying around your court…your, er, basketball court. Regardless of if you’re homecoming queen or not, this gown/cocktail dress is sure to make you look like one. Choose a pair of shoes that add to your royal affair and a pair of earrings that won’t clash with your crown. 

Be daring this homecoming season! Choose a style that best suits your personality and rock this years dance. You'll have everyone chattering about your killer ensemble and have everyone wishing they had the guts to flaunt Fall 2015's unique, edgy styles!

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