Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pinterest Best of Prom 2015

As hot dresses pour into our store, these re-pins are pouring onto Pinterest boards internationally. Check out these hot eight pins below of fabulous dresses from some of our favorite designers and follow us on Pinterest to see our best dresses featured daily! Find these dresses and all of our other Pinterest favorites online at

Alyce 6361
Price: $477.99

Alyce Paris 6383
Price: $557.99

Alyce Paris 6391
Price: $477.99

Rachel Allan 6335
Price: $297.99

Rachel Allan 7005
Price: $597.99

Sticks and Stones 9214
Price: $248.00

La Femme 21178
Price: $377.99

Hannah S 27944
Price: $319.99