Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2014 Jasz Couture Prom Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

Daring and sexy, Jasz Couture Prom Dresses 2014 are sure to shine on prom night. Bold cutouts, dazzling sequin detail and vibrant colors make this line stand out from the competition. Featured in TEEN Prom, Seventeen Magazine, Pageantry Magazine and CosmoGirl this brilliantly crafted line is known for its signature cutouts and glamour making it a staple of high fashion. Up to date with trends worldwide, Jasz stays strong with low backs, brilliant beadwork and elegant print dresses for every style making this line great for a variety of events. Make prom night special with a Jasz Couture gown; available in a variety of colors and sizes these gowns sell fast so order yours now while it's still in stock! Find these stunning 2014 prom dresses and other great dresses online at

                                                                       Jasz Couture 5003
                                                                       Price: $457.99

                                                                           Jasz Couture 5012
                                                                            Price: $ 397.99

                                                                        Jasz Couture 5035
                                                                         Price: $397.99

                                                                         Jasz Couture 5050
                                                                         Price: $457.99

                                                                       Jasz Couture 5057
                                                                         Price: $437.99

                                                                      Jasz Couture 5121
                                                                      Price: $397.99