Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2013 Blush Prom Dresses Now Online at French Novelty!

French Novelty is proud to announce that 2013 Blush Prom dresses are now online!The Blush Prom Dress Collection includes Pink by Blush Prom, Pearl by Alexia Designs, and Black by Alexia Designs. Blush Prom Dresses by Alexia Designs are all about fashion that makes you feel as if you are a celebrity. In the spotlight, on a red carpet walk, or just socializing among the crowd, you will blush from the attention you will get while wearing your Blush Prom dress. 2013 Prom and Evening Dresses are now online from many of our Prom dress designers, and we will be adding them to our site daily! If there is a dress that is not yet featured on our site, we will be happy to order it for you.  Find the styles below and the entire Blush collection at www.frenchnovelty.com 

Blush Prom 9506
Price: $798.99

Blush Prom 9525
Price: $718.99

Blush Prom 9532
Price: $558.99

Blush Prom 9534
Price: $338.99

Blush Prom 9536
Price: $458.99

Blush Prom 9540
Price: $498.99

Blush Prom 9562
Price: $448.99