Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jaz up homecoming with dresses from Jasz Couture

Cameras will flash as the paparazzi comes upon a new star! Stunning designs by Jasz Couture make you feel like a celebrity. Whether in a long luxurious gown or in one of their new sexy minis, you’re bound to feel glamorous as you make your way out for your big night. Now introducing the Jasz Fall 2012 homecoming line, these stunning styles will light up the night in a dazzling array of sequins, lush tulles and luxurious fabrics that will make you fall in love with your dress. Jasz Couture, as seen on television shows and teen magazines, gives you that extra touch that will leave them talking all night long. Most styles available in sizes 00-20 and in a variety of colors. Whether your event is formal or semi-formal, Jasz Couture homecoming dresses will make you feel a star to help make your night unforgettable. Find these styles and other great homecoming styles at .
Jasz Couture 4700
Price: $317.99

Jasz Couture 4701
Price: $257.99

Jasz Couture 4706
Price: $317.99

Jasz Couture 4718
Price: $317.99

Jasz Couture 4724
Price: $397.99