Friday, September 30, 2011

BabyDoll Cocktail by Mac Duggal

2011 BabyDoll by Mac Duggal Cocktail Dresses are now at French Novelty!
Babydoll Cocktail collection by Mac Duggal has created cocktail dresses for the young and those young at heart for dinner or cocktail parties. Cute and perky short dresses that are sexy and stylish, colors that are lovely, colors that are flashy, designs you’ll love, and those you must have in wardrobe, are found in this Babydoll Cocktail collection by Mac Duggal. If you like up to the minute new and trendy dresses, then look what is offered now. Sizes range from 0 through 16. French Novelty is proud to offer Babydoll Cocktail by Mac Duggal.