Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Most Valuable Designer Feature: Mac Duggal

Our Most Valuable Designer of the week, Mac Duggal, has a variety of different lines from Mac Duggal Ball Gowns, Mac Duggal Cassandra Stone, Mac Duggal Flash, Mac Duggal Prom, and Mac Duggal Plus Sizes. 
Mac Duggal Ball Gowns
Feel like a fairytale princess on prom night with an enchanting ball gown by Mac Duggal Ball Gowns. Perfect for prom, pageants, and other formal events, Mac Duggal Ball Gowns are sure to shine with their romantic silhouettes and superior design. With both classic ball gown styles and elegant mermaid dresses to sweep the runways this season, Mac Duggal Ball Gowns are sure to shine with their impeccable attention to detail. Multi-dimensional lace, stunning beaded detailing, rich stones, and romantic silhouettes are just part of what makes this division of Mac Duggal a true one of a kind. Look and feel like a princess on prom night or any formal event with a gown by Mac Duggal. Most gowns available for order in sizes 0-20 and in a variety of colors.

Mac Duggal Cassandra Stone
Look supreme in 2016 in one of these fun, flirty and undoubtedly vivacious Cassandra Stone Prom Dresses by Mac Duggal. The prom 2016 collection features updated styling, on-trend colors, and exciting embellishments mastered by designer Mac Duggal. This line uses shimmering crystals, sequins, and all things that glitter for that one-of-a-kind and jaw-dropping moment. Love your look and turn some heads as you strut your stuff and shimmer under the light. Find your perfect silhouette in a mermaid, A-line, or fitted silhouette that is simply stunning! Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes 00-20, be on the best dressed list at your next prom or social occasion in one of these magnificent Cassandra Stone Prom Dresses by Mac Duggal.

Mac Duggal Plus Size
 Rock your curves in one of these divine Mac Duggal Fabulouss plus sized prom gowns. With dazzling beadwork and sultry sweetheart and V necklines, these Mac Duggal Fabulouss formal dresses are nothing short of extraordinary. These evening gowns certainly flatter your divalicious figure without giving up the intricate details and innovative design details you expect. From dramatic to daring, purchase a Mac Duggal Fabulouss formal gown with the assurance that you will take everyone's breath away at your next prom, pageant, or any special occasion requiring your spectacular presence. Available in several different colors and sizes 14W-30W, feel like a million bucks without spending it in one of these fierce and fabulous Mac Dougal Fabulous plus size creations!
Mac Duggal Flash
Cameras will flash from the moment that you enter the room in a 2016 prom dress by Mac Duggal Flash. Stunning with dramatic silhouettes, beaded details, and lush fabrics, Mac Duggal Flash gowns and cocktail dresses are sure to turn heads making them perfect for prom 2016. From sophisticated and sleek evening gowns to short and sexy cocktail dresses, there is sure to be a Mac Duggal Flash dress for every girl on prom night. With a variety of styles crafted in the finest fabrics, Mac Duggal Flash dresses strive to be a cut above the rest. Focused on superior quality, Mac Duggal Flash encapsulates the essence of women to reflect the strength and confidence a fabulous dress can provide. Perfect for prom, pageants, and other formal events Mac Duggal Flash cocktail dresses and gowns are sure to turn heads making them a must have this season. Most designs available for order in sizes 0-16, and in a variety of colors. Order early as the best styles and sizes are sure to sell fast!
Mac Duggal Prom
Make prom 2016 memorable in a gown by Mac Duggal Prom. Stunning with dramatic silhouettes and lush detailing, Mac Duggal Prom gowns are sure to shine with eye catching detail fresh off the runways. Inspired by red carpet looks both local and abroad, Mac Duggal gowns capture the essence of femininity to reflect the strength and confidence a fabulous dress can give. From sophisticated and sleek evening gowns to short and sexy cocktail dresses, there is sure to be a Mac Duggal Prom dress for every girl on prom night. With a variety of styles crafted in the finest fabrics, Mac Duggal Prom dresses strive to be a cut above the rest making them perfect for prom 2016 and other formal events year round. Most gowns available for order in sizes 0-16.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Showers Bring...February Flowers?

Spring has Sprung (at least the Spring '16 collections!) and you know what that means... gorgeous floral prints making their way onto the racks of prom boutiques every where. French Novelty carries a gorgeous variety of trend-setting gowns with floral prints from top designers like Sherri Hill, Rachel Allan, and Paris Dress. Take a look at our models employees taking a break from work to show off the latest floral fashions!

From Left to Right: Sherri Hill, Paris Dress, Rachel Allan
All three of these gowns are available at French Novelty and www.frenchnovelty.com

Check out these other stunning gowns flanked with florals!

Mon Cheri 116764

Rachel Allan 7111
Sherri Hill 50482

These Fun Prints will help you show off your fun and flirty side this prom season! With so many silhouettes, lengths, and colors to choose from, you'll be sure to find a floral dress that brings your nature loving side with your "dolled up for the dance" side!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Your Prom Dress Shopping Experience...as told by Koalas.

A long, hard, tedious week of purgatory, AKA high school has just ended. You're relaxing on your bed "netflix and chilling" all by yourself, and you have to admit, it's beyond glorious.

Suddenly your comfortable bubble of silence and Gossip Girl are broken when your mom does that "knock twice and immediately open the door move". You look up towards her nontypical overly excited expression you'd only ever seen on moms in Disney Channel shows. You begin to wonder whether if all the double stuffed Oreos she had with lunch are getting to her head.
You stare at your mom from your cozy, sleepy state like:

But your thrilled mother has been waiting since 1985 to ask you this question so she's not having any of it. She puts on her best Disney Channel mom smile and says,

She mentions prom dress shopping casually, but you know that was her sole purpose in coming in.
You contemplate your options while soaking in the last few minutes of your personal snuggle sesh.

You finally agree to go, but only if she takes you out to hibachi later. Your mom squeals with happy 12 year old girl delight.

Hopping in the car, your mom tries to jam out with you to some top 40 pop hit you've heard about 1,000 times. It feels like a lifetime before you two pull up to French Novelty. When you walk in, you feel a little bit like this..

For the first time in 2 hours, your mom is speechless, and so are you. There are so many gorgeous dresses you don't know where to look first. After being greeted by a friendly employee, your mom makes a beeline for the extravagant ball gowns hanging in the window. You slip towards the back where you see a selection of the latest Rachel Allan's you just can't wait to get your hands on.

You grab a couple dresses you think you could pull off, along with your mom's choice, and hide away in the dressing room. You start with a chic and fierce two-piece Rachel Allan that immediately drew you in. After putting it on and taking a look in the mirror, you feel like the heroine of your own teen sci-fi  movie like the Hunger Games or something.

Size 0 Rachel Allan

Your mom shakes her head in disapproval and reminds you of the strict dress code your school has. Solemnly looking in the mirror, you mentally tell the dress:

You move on to your mom's choice, a blush pink Sherri Hill.
You look it up and down, wondering if you like it, or like it because you know your mom will be overjoyed if you do.
Size 0 Sherri Hill

It's a gorgeous dress, no doubt, but as you stand in the mirror picturing yourself taking prom pics, you feel like this is the kind of dress your best friend would wear, and you kindly shake your head no.
That's when the kind employee assisting you gets an idea and scurries off to the back.

You and your mom just look at each other in anticipation.

Suddenly she returns with a gown you know will be the one. It's the perfect combination of sassy, seventeen year old sophistication and "I'm still my mom's little girl". You can't wait to try it on.
Size 0 Shail K

It's a perfect light pink Shail K that curves down your figure elegantly while providing a youthful pop of color. You strut around the store thinking to yourself:

After squealing with glee in a very "say yes to the dress" kind of way, you reluctantly strip off the gown and give your mom your very best please please please please please before she smiles and happily walks over to the cashier.

You and your mom practically skip out of the store hand-in-hangar dreaming about the prom day to come. Before hopping in the car, your mom gets all teary eyed about you growing up and going away to college in a few months. Then she pulls one of these:

Since she just agreed to your dream gown, you let her hug it out, and remind yourself of how grateful you are to have that beautiful dress a great mom. As your mom takes her last suffocating squeeze, you give a knowing nod to another girl walking in the store, and silently wish you could go back in and play dress up for an hour longer...

All the dresses featured on this blog are currently in-stock online and at  the French Novelty storefront.  To see all of our in-stock gowns, click this link: http://www.frenchnovelty.com/c/Immediate_Delivery_Prom_Dresses/Dresses%3A+Immediate+Delivery.html

Monday, November 30, 2015

If Disney Princess’ were going to Prom 2016…

This Week's MVD Tiffany Designs has a plethora of beautiful prom dresses lined up for the Spring 2016 season! While each dress brings something new, fun, and sassy to the collection, we found a few that just scream royalty- Disney royalty!

Aurora/Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty definitely won’t be snoozing through prom this year. With a gorgeous gown like Tiffany Design’s 16152, she’ll be too excited to miss out on strutting into the dance in this beautiful sheer-back a-line evening gown. This bead work is fit for a princess, or maybe just a queen (A prom queen that is!). The flattering bedazzled boat neck will work with any girl’s silhouette and broaden your shoulders for a strong, royal appearance. You could say we’ve seen this dress a few times, once upon a dream.

Beauty and the Beast might be a tale as old as time, but this jaw dropping yellow fit and flare prom dress is quite the opposite! We all know Belle had a killer figure that had all the village people singing about her beauty, so she would totally be showing it off! This curvy gown will turn the heads of everyone in the room with it’s bold color, but it’s train floating down the back shows it is truly fit for Royalty. Be Our Guest at French Novelty and see why this dress would make a Beauty out of anyone!

Disney can try and convince us believe Cinderella left the ball because of a “magic-spell”, but I don’t buy it. If her gown had 1/5th of the style as this gorgeous powder blue A-line gown, she’d be running away from all the guys dying for a dance with her. It’s no doubt Cinderella was a head turner, and in this design, accented by glittering gems and an endlessly flowing skirt, you’ll be surely that. Cinderella's ensemble has had everyone talking for over a century, but if you're seen in this dress, you might just catch up with her. 

Jasmine was all about a two-piece in Aladdin and she had the perfectly drawn cartoon figure to rock it! Things would be no different for her at Prom 2016! She would take the classic crop top element and work it in a stunning fit and flare two piece with intricate embellishments. Throughout the movie, we see that her kingdom, Agraba’s style is based off sensual silhouettes and pattern-work. The etching on the top and the ends of the skirt reflect that style perfectly. Combined with the sultry black shade of the dress and the sassy silhouette to help her curves pop, this design is one Disney wish they would have thought of themselves!


Obviously Ariel would be swimming her way into prom in a mermaid style gown like this head turning white lace two piece mermaid prom dress. With her vibrant scarlet tresses, she had to balance her eccentric locks with a clean color to help her hair pop. She couldn’t wear her sea shells to prom because, well, thats just tacky, so she’d be likely to upgrade to this crop top look with a plunging V-neck for added sass. While you might dream of being a mermaid strolling to prom in this dress, by the end of the night you’ll agree the words to Under the Sea should be changed to: darling it’s better being a trend-setter, take it from me!

Check out French Novelty's entire stock of Tiffany Design's Prom 2016 gowns here: http://www.frenchnovelty.com/c/tdp/Tiffany+Designs.html

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Winter Formal Dresses to Heat Up the Season!

Fashionable cocktail dresses for winter events are often overlooked, but these designs are sure to catch your attention. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re about to see why!
While we’ve taken you through this seasons latest homecoming and prom trends, you’ve yet to see the last hurrah from the fall 2015 collections. Earlier this season we wowed you with color, sequins, jewels, and fabrics galore, but now it’s time for silhouettes to take center stage. With the temperatures dropping, you’ll have to hang up your perfect Sherri Hill two-piece and look for something fit for a Winter Wonderland. Sleeved cocktail dresses are stealing the spotlight ready to heat you and the dance floor up as the seasons start to change!

Rachel Allan
Alright, so maybe you don't have to hang up your two-piece quite yet. This sassy Rachel Allan design boasts a beautiful animal print and is paired with a separate top. Perfect for those girls who want to stay warm but just can't keep their abs out of the spotlight!

Rachel Allan
This sensual red cocktail dress will wrap you up in a warm velvety hug. The small key-hole below the bust adds a sassy touch without depriving you of the soft warmth of the form-fitting dress. The exquisite beading accentuates the silhouette of this stunning long-sleeved cocktail dress!

Shail K
Wanting to keep your arms warm but dying to show off a little skin? This gorgeous off-the-shoulder Shail K. cocktail dress is just what you need. The elegant beadwork in it's simple color adds glamour and beauty to this classy design while keeping you snuggly warm on the dance floor!

Hannah S
You're the type of girl yearning for summer. The novelty of winter, bonfires, ugg boots, and hot chocolate just don't appeal to you. Quite frankly, you wish it could be 75 degrees and sunny all year long. Alas, your clothing has to accommodate your human needs. Try this one shoulder cocktail dress that has just enough see-through elements to rebel against mother nature's temperature drop.

Hannah S
While having to add sleeves to your formal dress might seem like a drag, it only makes more room for more beading! Add glitz and glamour to your ensemble using the extra space on your dress available for beading galore. This stone-studded red cocktail dress by Hannah S will be perfect for your Winter Affair!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sherri Hill's hottest trend will remind you of your best memories

     Dresses make us feel a lot of things as emotional teenage girls. Somehow, we throw on some stunning masterpiece of silk, taffeta, and beads and feel like a queen. First were gazing at our newfound selves in the mirror, grinning like a little girl. Then the next thing you know, we’re crying, freaking out and screaming “I’M SAYING YES TO THE DRESS”.

This author may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

Sherri Hill is one of those designers that takes that emotion and amplifies it by 10000%. Her designs are innovative, edgy, and just plain fun. Somehow she just knows what we want to wear. It’s like she’s stalked us all on social media and taken her ideas from some random high school junior’s selfies. It sounds crazy but it’s true. She has caught on to the latest trends doted on by young women today and she’s taken notes- like crazy good straight A student notes.

So what has she seen that has made her designs so fabulous and desired by women all over the world? Crop Tops. We love them, our parents hate them, but we wear them anyway. There’s nothing today’s teenage girl wants to wear more than a shirt that looks like she grew out of 10 years ago at any social event, homecoming not excluded. And if you were a Dora the Explorer fan like myself circa 1999, you know that little todder trend setter was rocking the style way before it was cool.

 However, Sherri Hill takes this typical night out outfit and makes it formal appropriate. 
Hold on to your basic little black dress from last year’s homecoming because this is gonna be a wild ride for you: 

Try a form fitting bedazzled style with a sheer neckline making your skin look absolutely sparkling: 

If you've got a fun-loving personality, slip into this midnight blue crop-top ensemble with a full skirt!

Want something a little more structured? No problem! You'll be pretty in pink in this little number. 

For an edgy sophisticated look, try this nude-sequin combo for a head turning ensemble. 

There are so many Sherri Hill's to choose from! You can find French Novelty's entire selection at http://www.frenchnovelty.com/c/Sherri-Hill-HC/Sherri+Hill+Homecoming+Dresses.html

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Jovani dress is the most important purchase you'll make. Ever.

    To any normal person, this may look like an unassuming white cocktail dress you’d see some girl from class dancing around in at homecoming. However, this Jovani JVN27493 lace cocktail dress actually has magical powers. You see, it has the power to transform. In a matter of seconds it has the power to change from a regular white cocktail dress to one for sorority initiation, graduation, and can even make a stylish appearance at homecoming. This one dress can carry you through some of the most important milestones of your life. 

And you just thought it looked cute on the rack.

      Your initial use will be for homecoming, obviously. As an excited teen, you’re thrilled to have any excuse to walk into your local dress boutique. Before you know it, your swimming in chiffon and have been blinded by oodles of gems and rhinestones by the end of your trip. After trying on some vibrant shades of chartreuse and lavender- you see it. The one. A clean, elegant white cocktail dress that would look perfect with your date’s simplistic style (He’ll just be thrilled he doesn’t have to wear a matching lime green tie). You’ll beg your mom to let you buy it and insist you’ll “wear it for ever formal event for the rest of your life-even your wedding!!” It is white, after all! At the time, it was a ploy just to get her to buy it for you. As she reluctantly pulls out her credit card, rolling her eyes, you make a mental list of every occasion you could pull this white dress out for....

      If you’re a senior, chances are your graduation is swiftly approaching. What does that call for? A diploma, a graduation gown, some stoles to show you were actively involved, a nice pair of wedges, and a white dress. I’m not quite sure how this tradition got started, but somehow white grad dresses are the item to have. For one, it will go with every obnoxious color your school throws on the graduation gowns and tassels, but it also gives you the opportunity to pull out your white homecoming gown again. Score!
      After graduation comes college. If you go to a large state school, you’ll likely join a sorority. For every ritual you ever do in your undergraduate sorority experience you will need some kind of white dress. While it seems redundant, all you need is one special white dress for you to wear four times a semester for the next four years. Lucky for you, you made that purchase back in high school! No matter how much your parents want you to come back home, you and them will be thrilled you won’t be paying a visit to buy another dress. 
    To keep it simple, a formal dress is a formal dress, and that’s exactly what this gown is. It’s classic and will mold to the many important events in your life. Life’s a party- dress like it. One solid gown purchase can take you to so many places and will be a blank canvas for all of the fabulous occasions you attend. By adding pops of color, trendy heels, statement earrings, and a rockin’ hair style, this dress will assist you in life’s most special occasions. 

What milestone would you style this dress for? Show us with Polyvore @ French Novelty!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Three Homecoming Essentials as Told by Cats

Homecoming is upon us! Tis the season for adorable cocktail length dresses, rowdy football games, and homecoming date proposals that are #SoCute. You only get four homecomings to go to so why not make the most of them? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

(Cat Memes added for your personal enjoyment)

  1. Take Lot’s of Photos: How are people going to know you had a great time if you don’t plaster it all over social media with a cheesy caption? Photos are a great way to share the memories you made at homecoming and keep a record of the things you did in high school. One day, when you’re looking back, you’ll remember that killer dress you had on, the shoes you got a hundred compliments on, and the awkward dances you shared with John from Pre-Calculus (he hasn’t stopped texting you since). I mean, he was nice and all, but you looked like a queen and he showed up in cargos and a button down. You do the math. 
  1. Go with Fun People: Let’s face it, the quality of your night depends on the quality of your company. Make sure that if you choose to go the couple-y route, aka you reluctantly say yes to your guy-friend who has had a crush on you for like…ever, he’ll be outgoing enough to keep you entertained and laid-back enough to let you do your own thing. Bringing a date makes for the best photos and mildly less uncomfortable slow dances, but going with a group of friends is also a great option. Nothings better than dancing the night away care-free with 8 of your best buds. You can do the chicken dance without worrying about “how cute you look” and pig out at the snacks table completely un-judged. Either way, just make sure your company is hyped up for a wild night!

  1. Wear the perfect ensemble: When you look good, you feel good. It’s a simple science! In fact, getting a dolled up is 90% of the fun at homecoming (the other 10% being divided up amongst embarrassing moments witnessed, dancing, socializing, and messing with chaperones). First, you’ve got to say yes to that perfect dress! Pop into French Novelty with your best girlfriends and play dress up for an hour-or two! Homecoming 2015 is full of amazing dresses from Sherri Hill, Alyce Paris, Tony Bowls, and so many more! Feeling like a queen is just the first step towards having the time of your life. You’ll look amazing in all of your fantastic pics, wow your date, your friends, and feel like a star strutting into the dance. 

You can find French Novelty's  fabulous selection of homecoming dresses at the storefront or at http://www.frenchnovelty.com/c/Homecoming_Dresses/Homecoming+Dresses.html

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homecoming Horoscope for Fall 2015

Aries can be headstrong, and this homecoming season is no exception. The perfect date might not be in your future, but you’re determined to turn heads as you walk in to your high school gym. Bold colors like red are not only hot for homecoming 2015, they look hot as well. You’ll be hard to miss in a rockin’ shade of rouge this fall. Try this blazing number from Alyce Paris, not for the faint of heart, with an eye catching tulle skirt and a bedazzled bodice. 
This is the year you’re ready to shed your old image and try something new. You’ve held back previous years, trying to follow the status quo, but no, not this fall! You’ve decided to be daring in a way that challenges stereotypical homecoming dresses. There is no way to enter subtley- this dress demands you to strut into the room, no turning back. This dress doesn’t just express your fresh new attitude, it reflects the rest of this school year. This season, it’s about taking chances, trying something new, and shedding an image you’ve held onto far too long. 
Summers over- you’ve had your fun. You’ve been wild, crazy, and daring. Now? It’s time to bring back elegance and sophistication. You like playing it safe while making a statement. This fall is all about hanging back with your best friends, saving the last dance for your old beau, and making sure you get home before midnight. With a dress like this chic, yet conservative Angela and Alison, people won’t dare keep their eyes off you. You’re feeling classy this fall for a reason- its something people just can't turn their nose up to.
Homecoming is the highlight of fall semester, a busy season that seems to have everything packed into a few months. And summer? Summer was all fun all the time- and you’re missing it. So this year, you should wear something that reflects the kind of fun you want to have at the dance. This brightly colored Hannah S two piece is sure to do just that. This wild pattern is unique and unlike anything else other girls will be bringing in to the gym. After all, girls just want to have fun!
Fall is a busy season for high school girls and there are a lot of changes going on. For now, you just need a reliable dress you know you can count on. A little black dress such as this keyhole angela and alison is your new BFF. It’s tight, comfortable, easy to wear, and beyond figure flattering. Every stitch of the fabric hugs every perfect place for the summer body you’ve kept in tact. This semester is going to be intense and unstable, but the one thing you need not worry about is having the perfect little black dress to help you rock homecoming and any other formal occasion this fall. 
 VIRGO AUG 22 - SEP 23
Sherri Hill   
You’ll be quite the social butterfly this fall! It’s time to make some new friends, head out with a new group to homecoming, and finally talk to that guy from pre-calculus who you have, “like-totally-been-crushing-on-since-like,-freshman-year!” Your personality will be especially dazzling this homecoming season- just like this stunning Sherri Hill that is positively decked out in glitz and glamour. If he doesn’t see how completely radiant you are in this little number, he’s either blind or didn’t show up to homecoming in the first place. 
Sherri Hil   
Everyone else can try and out do you, but you are most definitely queen bee this season. Glamour never goes out of style- it’s a classic. If you walk into the dance with a dress like this deep v a-line, you’re not going to shock, but you sure will turn everyones head. This sophisticated style isn’t something to get the crowds thinking- it’s pure eye candy that is effortless and beautiful on everyone, but you'll do it best. 
You’re going to swamped this season with events-you’re a busy girl. You need something versatile that you can wear to parties, weddings, and most importantly, homecoming. Whether its gracefully making an entrance across the gym floor or dancing the night away at an after party, a versatile cocktail dress like this Mon Cheri is the perfect fit for you. Comfortable, easy to wear, and irresistibly chic. You’ll look fresh off the runway at every event you attend this fall season!
Glitz and glam will be defining words for your homecoming season. Whether it’s a glistening homecoming tiara placed on your head, or just your fabulous homecoming dress, you’ll be regal from head to toe. A dress like this rouge Madison James halter will be the perfect accent to any tiara! This dress emulates a classic elegance that can be perfectly transformed into a gown fit for a queen- a homecoming queen, that is… 
Well aren’t you feeling sassy this fall? High School dress codes can be a drag, and dances this homecoming give you the rare opportunity to break out of your crewnecks and jeans. You’ll be working hard this season and it’s really going to show off in this rocking dress. You’re definitely breaking out of your shell and getting ready to rock this dance with every curve flaunted in a dress like this from Blush. You won’t be afraid to ask anyone to dance…but mostly because you won’t be able to keep off the offers coming at you left and right… 
Things will be going your way this homecoming season! You will finally ask the guy you’ve been thinking about all summer to homecoming- and he’ll say yes. He sure won’t be regretting his decision when he sees you rocking this classy off the shoulder cocktail number from sherri hill. This stunning Sherri Hill number will help you keep it classy, while still maintaining a sassy silhouette and flattering color. You’ll be dancing the night away, happily in your easy to wear dress with your more-than-giddy date by your side. 
Sherri Hill   
It’s only the beginning of the year, and you’re already ready for the end. Homecoming excites you, but prom is really on your mind. You’re feeling a dress that reminds you of your favorite Sherri Hill evening gown you’ve been eyeing all spring. Finally, homecoming gives you the opportunity to partially fulfill that day dream and get the short version of your dream prom gown. You’ll feel comfortable and classic while dancing, chatting, and strutting around the gym. You might even forget that prom is only a mere 9 months away…

You can find all of our wonderful homecoming styles at http://www.frenchnovelty.com/c/Homecoming_Dresses/Homecoming+Dresses.html