Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Homecoming dresses that are almost too hot for your A/C lacking gym

       The annual homecoming dance- it’s a thrilling time for high school students. Girls get to dress to the nines and spend hours doing their hair, adjusting their dresses, throwing on pounds of make-up, and gearing their attitudes ready to strut into the sweaty gymnasium like it’s a Parisian runway. (Seriously, they just held PE in there like, four hours ago.) The girls line up one by one, locked-and-loaded behind the doors before their grande entrance. Suddenly the most daring of the group of girls, the girl who is always stepping out on her own and doing things her way, the one with fierce practically written across her forehead, walks forward. She grips the door handle like it’s her very own Excalibur and wields it, throwing the door behind her and prancing straight towards the middle of the dance floor. 
If this sounds like you- if you’re one of these rare gems that dares to push the envelope in everything she does, you’re probably on the hunt for an edgy homecoming dress to compliment your fearless attitude. Lucky for you, the fall 2015 collections are drenched with bold styles that are sure to get the crowds talking and bring you straight into the lime-light. These designs will make standing out from the others a piece of cake so you can focus on owning the dance floor. 

Sherri Hill
   Maybe you’ve got killer abs or just love showing off a little extra skin. The fall homecoming lines are overflowing with these sassy two piece ensembles. Each is unique and brings it’s own flavor of sensuality, whether you like fun tulle skirts or hip-hugging a-lines. No matter what you choose, when you glide into the room, no one will be able to turn away from your jaw-dropping look. Try pairing it with a classy pair of rhinestone pumps to amp up your avant-guard ensemble and make each confident step you take sassier than the next. 

Angela and Alison
   If revealing your entire abdomen isn’t really your taste, try a dress with cut-outs on the sides. This season, you can find cut outs on almost any part of the dress from the waist, to the skirt, and even the collars. Especially hot for Fall are the peek-a-boo slit-sides, however. This allows you to show off a little more skin without creating two separate pieces. By adding a bold pair of hoops and simple heels, you’ll keep all the attention on the intricate top and your grinning, confident expression. 

Sherri Hill
    Are you craving something edgy that maintains a re-wearable timeless elegance? Plunging necklines, while hot for the upcoming homecoming collections, never go out of style. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic silhouette that compliments ladies with sculpted collar bones and torsos that would otherwise go unnoticed. If you’re skeptical about buying a new cocktail dress this season, you can feel assured that purchasing a dress with a deep neckline will be in fashion season after season for trendy outfit repeating. Keep it simple with a pair of classic pumps and basic studs to complete your ensemble. 

Mac Duggal
   For a truly unexpected and unconventional homecoming dress, try a new take on the high-low trend. If you like the keep people on their toes, striding into the dance in a gown thats typical homecoming-business in the front and a trend-setting party in the back. You’ll truly embrace a royal appearance when sashaying around your court…your, er, basketball court. Regardless of if you’re homecoming queen or not, this gown/cocktail dress is sure to make you look like one. Choose a pair of shoes that add to your royal affair and a pair of earrings that won’t clash with your crown. 

Be daring this homecoming season! Choose a style that best suits your personality and rock this years dance. You'll have everyone chattering about your killer ensemble and have everyone wishing they had the guts to flaunt Fall 2015's unique, edgy styles!

All of these hot-off-the runway designs are available right now at www.frenchnovelty.com. If you're in love with the ensembles in this blog, follow us on Polyvore for more homecoming ideas utilizing this season's latest dresses! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why you are NOT the one saying yes to your homecoming dress.

Every teenage girl has been there- you’re standing in front of a multi-directional mirror, eyes glittering and heart a-flutter. All eyes in the store are on you. As you swish around in the perfect cocktail length dress, you acknowledge that it was absolutely worth ripping off the hanger and pushing past every jealous girl who dared to eye your dress with envy. They didn’t matter any more, that dress was on you now. It complimented your skin tone in the only way the perfect combination of chiffon and satin can and sparkled like a diamond fresh off the press from Tiffany & Co. As it seemed angels descended and God himself open the heavens to praise your perfect dress, you take a glance to your right and all seems to drop from a perfect TLC moment to a poorly produced Hallmark tragedy. 
It’s your mother. And she's giving you a look kinda like this… 

Your heart sinks as the heavens close and the rhinestones that once glittered willfully seem to all fade into dull, withered, stones. Every vision you once held of stopping the hearts of every guy at your homecoming swore is zip-gone-dead with the deathly glare of your disapproving mother. 

But why?! You ask yourself. Why Me?!

And from that moment on you are 100,000% you are the only teenage girl who has had her heart broken by the deadlock placed upon your parents wallet due to one. little. word.


“It’s too short,” she declares. 
“Your principal will never let you walk in like that.” 
“You just don’t look right in it.”
“It’s too much.”

Alas, never fear, you’re not alone. While we all hope walking into our local dress shop (*cough* *cough* French Novelty)  that we will walk out shouting “I said Yes to the Dress!!!!”  from your mom’s arms, it’s an unfortunate truth that you might never see eye to eye. Until Now…

As the Fall season for cocktail length dresses opens, teen girls can rejoice of Fall ’15 trends that will please any conservative mama (or dad) and school administration.  
Thick straps and a proportional bust line are a great way to match your mother and schools dress code, but the extra fabric allows for extra room to be covered in immaculate stones. All that extra glitter will have you turning heads as you sparkle your way to the center of the dance floor. 

Alyce Paris
A fitted bodice brings an illusion of a lack of fabric. You might even trick your parents into thinking there’s less coverage than there really is! Sheer nude material will keep you daddy approved while incorporating it into a sassy style that will please your friends, family, and faculty!

Angela and Alison
Without the extra glitter and coverage, this omg-that-girl is fit silhouette might be too much for your poor mom’s heart to handle. Never fear- the extra pizzaz brings a conservative twist to a Bond girl’s spicy cocktail dress. 

Rachel Allan
Maybe you’re expected to have a little extra coverage, have a chilly October homecoming, or just get cold really easily. Try a dress that envelopes your arms and accents your collar bone. For those of you with budget conscious parents, you can even add in that a necklace is  not necessary for a dress like this with  an extravagant neckline!

You can have that perfect “I Said Yes to the Dress” moment. While you might not be the only one who has to say yes to it first (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!), with the help from Fall 2015’s innovative designers, you can choose a trendy style that will will get the your your parents and school administration screaming yes to your dress. 

Be sure to check out all of our homecoming dresses available at French Novelty and http://www.frenchnovelty.com/c/Homecoming_Dresses/Homecoming+Dresses.html

Saturday, July 11, 2015

New 2015 Homecoming Dresses Now Online at French Novelty!

2015 Homecoming Dresses are now being introduced from many of our designers. We have just added new fall homecoming 2015 dress styles from many of our vendors including: Sherri Hill, Sticks and Stones by Mori Lee, Rachel Allan, and Madison James! Additional Fall 2015 homecoming dresses will be featured as the photos are made available by each of our exclusive designers! Whether you are parading in front of the school on homecoming court or you are just showing up to the homecoming party, French Novelty has the perfect homecoming dress for you. French Novelty is an authorized retail agent for many of America's most famous dress designers. We are offering you a variety of homecoming dress styles, colors, and sizes which can be special ordered through our online store. Find these designers and other great homecoming dresses now online at www.frenchnovelty.com

Sherri Hill

Rachel Allan

Alyce Paris

Sticks and Stones

Hannah S

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New 2015 Hannah S Homecoming Dresses Now Online at French Novelty

Turn heads for homecoming 2015 with a short and sassy formal dress by Hannah S. Full of sassy sophistication, Hannah S homecoming dresses are both fun and flirty with their short hemlines and stunning details. Fashion forward with their innovative design; Hannah S dresses are captivating onlookers and captivating the runways with their dramatic silhouettes, sparkling beaded detailing, and vibrant colors making these dresses perfect for homecoming, the red carpet, and other formal events. From flirty two piece dresses to sleek and sexy illusion designs, there is sure to be a Hannah S dress for every girl making these designs essential for homecoming 2015. Find these styles and other great dresses online at

Hannah S 27014
Price: $507.99

Hannah S 27021
Price: $359.99

Hannah S 27026
Price: $567.99

Hannah S 27050
Price: $267.99

Hannah S 27051
Price: $399.99

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Rachel Allan Now Online at French Novelty

Make homecoming 2015 memorable in a dress by Rachel Allan. Established in 1985 as Party Time Formals, Rachel Allen continues to evolve with the times, creating flawless designs and exceeding industry standards season after season. With a continued devotion to fashion, Rachel Allan has re-released their company for 2015 with a new name and new designs that are sure to put them in the spotlight making them a must have for homecoming 2014. Unique and upscale, Rachel Allan homecoming dresses are sure to leave all eyes on you as stunning details and dazzling silhouettes come to life in vibrant color. Dance the night away in high style with a short party dress by Rachel Allan! Sizes available are 0-16, but not in every dress style. Certain Rachel Allan dresses are also available in the Rachel Allan Plus collection in sizes 14W-24W. Order your Rachel Allan dress now as the best designs and sizes are sure to sell fast! Find these styles and other great dresses online at www.frenchnovelty.com 

Rachel Allan 4003
Price: $378.00

Rachel Allan 4007
Price: $398.00

Rachel Allan 4020
Price: $438.00

Rachel Allan 4055
Price: $398.00

Rachel Allan 4056
Price: $378.00

Saturday, June 6, 2015

New 2015 Sticks and Stones Homecoming Dresses Online at French Novelty!

Turn heads the moment that you enter the room with a homecoming dress by Sticks and Stones. A division of Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner, Sticks and Stones homecoming exceeds industry standards with their high quality and favorably priced dresses. From short and sleek sheaths to pretty and playful homecoming dresses there is sure to be a style to suit your event. Intricate stonework and embroidery makes Sticks and Stones a cut above the rest while keeping their cost affordable. Designed to dazzle, Sticks and Stones are a must have for homecoming 2015. Sure to be high in demand, these dresses will fly off the racks so order yours today before the best dresses sell out.Find these styles and other great dresses online at www.frenchnovelty.com

Sticks and Stones 9332
Price: $278.00

Sticks and Stones 9346
Price: $298.00

Sticks and Stones 9351
Price: $290.00

Sticks and Stones 9331
Price: $278.00

Sticks and Stones 9354
Price: $338.00

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New 2015 Homecoming Dresses Now Online at French Novelty!

015 Homecoming Dresses are now being introduced from many of our designers. We have just added new fall homecoming 2015 dress styles from Sticks and Stones by Mori Lee, Rachel Allan, Hannah S, and Madison James! Additional Fall 2015 homecoming dresses will be featured as the photos are made available by each of our exclusive designers!Whether you are parading in front of the school on homecoming court or you are just showing up to the homecoming party, French Novelty has the perfect homecoming dress for you. French Novelty is an authorized retail agent for many of America's most famous dress designers. We are offering you a variety of homecoming dress styles, colors, and sizes which can be special ordered through our online store. If there is a homecoming dress that you want but do not find on our site, please send us the vendor name and style number. We will do our best to find it for you. Check out our selection of designer homecoming dresses and other great dresses on our website

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

End of Season Clearance Sale at French Novelty

Save big on clearance gowns and cocktail dresses available at French Novelty. With prom 2015 coming to a quick close, and homecoming 2015 just around the corner, French Novelty is making space by marking down gowns and cocktail dresses currently in stock. With savings up to 70% of the original price, there is sure to be a prom 2015 clearance gown perfect for your event. New markdowns are being taken daily as our sales associates drastically reduce prices.Check out these stunning gowns below and many more at www.frenchnovelty.com 

Clearance Dresses

Clearance Dresses

Clearance Dresses

Clearance Dresses

Clearance Dresses

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Prom 2015 is Almost Over!

Prom 2015 is almost over, but French Novelty still has hundreds of beautiful dresses in stock for a fabulous price. With both new in stock dresses, and fresh markdowns being taken daily there is sure to be a gown perfect for every event. With top designers such as La Femme, Tony Bowls, Sherri Hill, and many more available for immediate delivery make finding a gown easy for any event. Find these styles below and other great dresses online at www.frenchnovelty.com

Sale Dresses

Sale Dresses

Sale Dresses

Sale Dresses

Sale Dresses

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jaguars Defensive Tackle Sen’Derrick Marks takes Teenager with Cancer to High School Prom

Dreams Come True of Jacksonville Florida reached out to French Novelty and Jacksonville Jaguars to help make Khameyea's senior prom memorable in hopes of fulfilling her dream. On Saturday night, Jaguars Defensive Tackle Sen'Derrick Marks helped make prom truly memorable for 18 year old cancer patient Khameyea Jennings as he escorted her to her senior prom. Khameyea, a senior at Frank H. Peterson Academies was diagnosed with liver cancer on Mother's Day 2013.

 Khameyea chose a stunning ivory and gold evening gown by Shail K to wear to her senior prom held at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. The Enchanted Forest  themed prom took on a magical appeal as Khameyea and Marks made their grand entrance on Saturday night as they were eagerly greeted by Khameyea's cheering classmates and peers as they arrived in Marks' black Lamborghini Gallardo. Khameyea donned a stunning tiara fit for a princess atop her elegantly curled hair.

We are privileged to have taken part in this special night thanks to Dreams Come True of Jacksonville and send the best of wishes to Khameyea and her family.

Photos by Bob.Mack@jacksonville.com

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stunning 2015 Prom Dresses Still Available at French Novelty!

Make your big night memorable with a stunning 2015 prom dress from French Novelty. With hundreds or gorgeous cocktail dresses and evening gowns still in stock, French Novelty is sure to have a dress for every girl on her big night. Top designers such as Sherri Hill, La Femme, Tony Bowls and many more are still available in addition to hundreds of mark down and clearance items to ensure an ensemble for every budget. Visit us online or stop in today to find the perfect prom dress for prom 2015. 
3520-4 Blanding Blvd. 
Jacksonville, Fl 32210

Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fun Print Prom Dresses Available at French Novelty!

Celebrate high fashion with a stunning print or polka dot prom dress available here at French Novelty. Dominating the fashion runways for prom 2015, animal prints, watercolor prints, chevron and polka dots are taking center stage for high fashion and turning heads this prom season. These edgy and intricate designs are sure to make a statement on prom night as you choose your favorite print prom dress with spectacular colors and high attention to detail. Perfect for the girl looking for something fun and unique, these print and polka dot prom dresses make a statement like no other with their artistic design and ingenuity. With top prom designers such as Sherri Hill, Jovani, Tony Bowls and many more pumping out these hot print designs, there is sure to be a print or polka dot prom dress perfect for you. Check out these fun and flirty dresses we have compiled below and order early as the best dresses are sure to sell fast! Find these styles and other great print dresses online at 

Sticks and Stones 9303
Price: $238.00

La Femme 21180
Price: $397.99

Paparazzi 97077
Price: $478.00

Tony Bowls Le Gala 115548
Price: $498.00

Sherri Hill 32073
Price: $718.00