Monday, July 28, 2014

Claudine for Alyce Paris Fall 2014 Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty

Captivate onlookers with a Claudine for Alyce Paris dress this season! With stunning detail and all the hottest trends, Claudine for Alyce Paris is making their name known for 2014 with high fashion gowns that are sure to turn heads. Featuring elegant evening gowns, stylish rompers and all the hottest looks, Claudine dresses are sure to turn heads with their elegant and alluring detail. Crafted by master designers, these dazzling gowns have rich detail, luxurious fabrics and all the fun trends for 2014. Sure to have a dress for every young lady, Claudine for Alyce Paris is proud offer celebrity styles and red carpet appeal as well as pretty and playful dresses for the young and young at heart. Order your Claudine for Alyce Paris dress today as the hottest styles will sell out fast. Many styles available for order in sizes 0-24, upcharges may apply for fuller sizes. Find these Claudine designs and other great dresses online at

Claudine for Alyce Paris 2352
Price: $629.99

Claudine for Alyce Paris 2358
Price: $849.99

Claudine for Alyce Paris 2361
Price: $517.99

Claudine for Alyce Paris 2368
Price: $749.99

Claudine for Alyce Paris 2370
Price: $497.99

Claudine for Alyce Paris 2375
Price: $649.99

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Alyce Homecoming Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

Alyce Paris 2014 formal dresses are better than ever. Inspired by Parisian couture, these stunning dresses and elegant evening gowns are sure to get you noticed on homecoming night. Featured in Seventeen and TEEN Prom Magazine, these magnificent cocktail dresses will make your night memorable with sleek silhouettes and intricate detail that will earn you compliments throughout the night. Fashion forward, their innovative style is capturing cutting edge designs straight from the runway and bringing them to you for homecoming 2014. Sexy sequins, playful rompers and sleek high lows are just part of this collection making Alyce Paris at the top of their game this fall. Whether searching for a homecoming court gown, or making a statement for a formal after party Alyce Paris is sure to have a dress for you this season. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, there is sure to be a dress for you in their 2014 homecoming collection making Alyce Paris a must have for your formal wear wardrobe. Check out these hot dresses and other great homecoming designs online at 

Alyce Paris 4378
Price: $309.99

Alyce Paris 4379
Price: $197.99

Alyce Paris 4387
Price: $177.99

Alyce Paris 4392
Price: $297.99

Alyce Paris 4393
Price: $197.99

Alyce Paris 4401
Price: $197.99

Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 La Femme Homecoming Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

Stylish and Elegant, 2014 La Femme cocktail dresses will make you unforgettable as you enter in one of the hottest dresses of the season. Known for their infamous designs, La Femme dresses have graced the red carpet of the Academy awards, the Emmys and even the stage of the ever popular prime time TV show Dancing With the Stars. This celebrity inspired homecoming line features both beautiful evening gowns and classy cocktail dresses for the sophisticated party goer. Great for proms, pageants and homecoming this high fashion evening line is sure to earn you compliments all night long. From classy and classic chiffon's to sexy and sleek sequins there is a dress for everyone making La Femme high in demand for homecoming 2014 and events year round.Find these stylish designs and other great homecoming dresses online at

La Femme 20506
Price: $478.00

La Femme 20564
Price: $398.00

La Femme 20591
Price: $450.00

La Femme 20633
Price: $358.00

La Femme 20662
Price: $398.00

La Femme 20672
Price: $398.00

Saturday, July 12, 2014

2014 Tony Bowls Shorts Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

If you’re thinking sexy for homecoming, then Tony Bowls Shorts is perfect for you! His 2014 homecoming line is back and better than ever with dazzling sequins and intricate details to turn heads from the moment that you enter the room. Brought to you by French Novelty these short and sexy cocktail dresses are great for all formal events if you're looking for a fun and flirty dress to dance the night away. Bright and sexy sequins, big stones and feather details make these mini’s a must have for prom or homecoming and the body hugging silhouettes show off that shape you’ve worked so hard for. Known for master designs, Tony Bowls stays strong among proms, homecoming and other formal events. His fashion forward Shorts line features cocktail dresses for every girl to feel special at her next big event. Sexy and sophisticated, these cocktail dresses and formal dresses will leave an impression on onlookers as they envy your remarkable fashion sense. His wildly successful lines take center stage of fashion shows year round and have graced the pages of both TEEN Prom and Seventeen Magazine as an industry leader for formalwear. Buy a Tony Bowls dress and submit your picture on to be featured as a Tony Girl and share your wonderful homecoming dress with the world. Order your Tony Bowls dress today and feel runway ready this season, order now before it’s too late as these exclusive dresses sell fast! Find these styles and other great homecoming dresses online at 

Tony Bowls Shorts TS21450
Price: $450.00

Tony Bowls Shorts TS21451
Price: $450.00

Tony Bowls Shorts TS21455
Price: $500.00

Tony Bowls Shorts TS21457
Price: $398.00

Tony Bowls Shorts TS21458
Price: $450.00

Tony Bowls Shorts TS21462
Price: $398.00

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 Faviana Homecoming Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty

Feel like a star as you step out in a 2014 homecoming by Faviana. Designed to stand out in the crowd, Faviana homecoming dresses and Faviana Glamour dresses will exceed your expectations with careful craftsmanship and brilliant artistry from their master designers. Created to simulate signature styles, Faviana’s designers work hard to replicate red carpet fashion from the hottest stars of today such as Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Heigl, Keira Knightley and many more. Focused on high fashion, Faviana and Faviana Glamour take a step forward with innovative designs and intricate details that captive onlookers at a glance. Featured on the Today Show, The View and Access Hollywood, Faviana’s stunning designs compliment the female figure and enhance beauty with both classic and couture designs for any shape and style allowing them to set the bar for red carpet fashion worldwide. Known for their meticulous attention to detail, every dress is examined for exceptional beadwork, accurate details, delicate embroidery and fabulous fit making them a household name for high fashion and the next great statement homecoming night. Order your 2014 Faviana homecoming and Faviana Glamour dresses today as styles sell quickly with the hottest hues and sizes going first! Find these styles and other great homecoming dresses online at

Faviana 7403
Price: $297.99

Faviana 7421
Price: $197.99

Faviana 7423
Price: $197.99

Faviana 7425
Price: $197.99

Faviana 7432
Price: $237.99

Faviana 7434
Price: $257.99

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New 2014 Rachel Allan Homecoming Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

Dare to dazzle on prom night with a 2014 prom dress by Rachel Allan for your next big event. Established in 1985 as Party Time Formals, Rachel Allen continues to evolve with the times, crafting stunning gowns and cocktail dresses that are sure to turn heads no matter what the occasion. Intricate and elegant, Rachel Allan dresses are sure to make a statement with sophisticated details and dazzling designs that make this upscale line a cut above the rest. Eye catching with vibrant color, radiant details, and breathtaking silhouettes, Rachel Allan strives to bring high class fashion making them essential for your formal wear wardrobe. Sizes available are 0-16, but not in every dress style. Certain Rachel Allan dresses are also available in the Rachel Allan Plus collection in sizes 14W-24W. Order your Rachel Allan dress now as the best designs and sizes are sure to sell fast! Find these hot homecoming dresses and other great dresses online at 

Rachel Allan 6632
Price: $357.99

Rachel Allan 6635
Price: $297.99

Rachel Allan 6641
Price: $377.99

Rachel Allan 6652
Price: $397.99

Rachel Allan 6666
Price: $297.99

Rachel Allan 6698
Price: $357.99

Saturday, June 21, 2014

New 2014 Blush Dresses Available Online at French Novelty!

2014 Blush Prom and Pink by Blush homecoming dresses will leave all eyes on you as you enter on homecoming night. Full of sexy details and dramatic silhouettes Blush Prom homecoming dresses for 2014 are surpassing industry standards for elegance and ingenuity. With sexy sleek gowns and flirty feminine cuts available Blush Prom and Pink by Blush are climbing the fashion charts with their master designs. Fashion forward, these stunning cocktail dresses and gowns possess elegant appeal while still remaining pretty and playful allowing them to fit the event. Beautiful ball gowns, sexy high lows and short cocktail dresses rocked Blush’s runway this season and are proudly brought to you by French Novelty for your next big event. Committed to showcasing the hottest trends, Blush Prom and Pink by Blush Prom dresses take center stage with brilliant beadwork, sizzling sequins and lush details that will leave onlookers envious of your dress. Selling fast these stunning style will be the first to go so order your 2014 Blush Prom homecoming dress today before it’s too late as stunning style and hot hues are the first to go! Find these homecoming dresses and other great homecoming dresses online at 

Blush 9851
Price: $398.99

Blush 9857
Price: $458.99

Blush 9858
Price: $378.99

Blush 9859
Price: $318.99

Blush 9860
Price: $238.99

Blush 9862
Price: $398.99

Monday, June 16, 2014

New 2014 Sherri Hill Dresses Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

Sherri Hill 2014 homecoming dresses exceed the standards of high fashion. From brilliantly beaded cocktail dresses to elegant evening gowns, Sherri Hill designs are crafted to enhance the female form and make your special occasion complete. One of the top designers for the Miss America and Miss USA pageants, Sherri Hill dresses are made to surpass the competition with glamor and elegance. Known worldwide for her fabulous designs, Sherri Hill dresses will make a statement no matter what the event. Perfect for homecoming, prom, and other formal events these dresses will leave all eyes on you. The 2014 Sherri Hill homecoming collection is beyond glamorous with luxurious fabrics, stunning rockstar stone work and intricate sequins to make a statement that is unforgettable. Find these dazzling homecoming dresses and other great dresses online at

Sherri Hill 1928
Price: $298.00

Sherri Hill 1929
Price: $298.00

Sherri Hill 1933
Price: $378.00

Sherri Hill 1934
Price: $318.00

Sherri Hill 8548
Price: $358.00

Sherri Hill 11171
Price: $398.00

Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Tiffany Designs Dresses Now Online at Prom Dresses by French Novelty!

Known for their princess appeal, 2014 Tiffany Designs dresses are sure to turn your special night into a fairytale. Beautiful with stunning chiffons, sexy sequins and sleek silhouettes; Tiffany Designs dresses are a cut above the rest with their classic and classy designs. Great for the girl who wants a dream come true, these fairy tale inspired gowns are sure to capture the attention of all around. Featured in 2014 TEEN Prom magazine, Tiffany Designs is perfect for any event with big and fluffy ball gowns, sleek chiffons and sexy mermaid prom dresses. A member of the Fab4 by House of Wu Tiffany Designs dresses are held to high standards in the industry making them one of the hottest formal dress collections on the market. With many dresses available in sizes 0-30 and in a variety of colors, Tiffany Designs dresses are sure to sell out fast so order today before the best designs sell out! Find these Tiffany Dresses and other stunning dresses online at

Tiffany Designs 16060
Price: $439.99

Tiffany Designs 16061
Price: $439.99

Tiffany Designs 16063
Price: $267.99

Tiffany Designs 16066
Price: $407.99

Tiffany Designs 16069
Price: $599.99

Tiffany Designs 16064
Price: $367.99