Friday, June 3, 2016

Top 3 Prom Trends of 2016

Prom dress trends for 2016 had a flavor for every style, but three captured the hearts of the our prom shoppers. Take a look at some of our customers favorite trends for prom 2016!


 These red-carpet-ready evening gowns offer chic and unique beaded long halter dresses, dresses with sleeves, and playful prom gowns with sequins or polka dots. Each has a little peek of skin at the mid-section that give it it’s signature fun and flirty vibe that will flatter your figure and let you show off those abs you worked so hard to show off. From rhinestone studded A-line dresses, dance floor ready styles, and over the top designer ball gowns, these two-piece dresses will make it look like you’ve just stepped off the runway at New York’s Fashion Week.


Classic looks never go out of style, and a timeless design decked out in lace is no exception. While the great fashion icons of our generation have put lace on the map such as Kate Middleton, this classy fabric is fit for more than red carpet galas and royal affairs. Lace adds a hint of old-fashioned femininity to every gown. There are plenty of classic dresses trimmed in lace or just studded with touches of these sheer, tasteful accents.


There are minimal opportunities for a girl to get to dress to the max and show off her own unique fashion savvy. This season holds numerous two piece dresses that hold the hottest trends that will help you stand out at your prom. These gowns were made for a party. They produce a classy and sophisticated style that has just enough rock and roll to keep your ensemble beyond interesting.