Thursday, January 21, 2016

Your Prom Dress Shopping told by Koalas.

A long, hard, tedious week of purgatory, AKA high school has just ended. You're relaxing on your bed "netflix and chilling" all by yourself, and you have to admit, it's beyond glorious.

Suddenly your comfortable bubble of silence and Gossip Girl are broken when your mom does that "knock twice and immediately open the door move". You look up towards her nontypical overly excited expression you'd only ever seen on moms in Disney Channel shows. You begin to wonder whether if all the double stuffed Oreos she had with lunch are getting to her head.
You stare at your mom from your cozy, sleepy state like:

But your thrilled mother has been waiting since 1985 to ask you this question so she's not having any of it. She puts on her best Disney Channel mom smile and says,

She mentions prom dress shopping casually, but you know that was her sole purpose in coming in.
You contemplate your options while soaking in the last few minutes of your personal snuggle sesh.

You finally agree to go, but only if she takes you out to hibachi later. Your mom squeals with happy 12 year old girl delight.

Hopping in the car, your mom tries to jam out with you to some top 40 pop hit you've heard about 1,000 times. It feels like a lifetime before you two pull up to French Novelty. When you walk in, you feel a little bit like this..

For the first time in 2 hours, your mom is speechless, and so are you. There are so many gorgeous dresses you don't know where to look first. After being greeted by a friendly employee, your mom makes a beeline for the extravagant ball gowns hanging in the window. You slip towards the back where you see a selection of the latest Rachel Allan's you just can't wait to get your hands on.

You grab a couple dresses you think you could pull off, along with your mom's choice, and hide away in the dressing room. You start with a chic and fierce two-piece Rachel Allan that immediately drew you in. After putting it on and taking a look in the mirror, you feel like the heroine of your own teen sci-fi  movie like the Hunger Games or something.

Size 0 Rachel Allan

Your mom shakes her head in disapproval and reminds you of the strict dress code your school has. Solemnly looking in the mirror, you mentally tell the dress:

You move on to your mom's choice, a blush pink Sherri Hill.
You look it up and down, wondering if you like it, or like it because you know your mom will be overjoyed if you do.
Size 0 Sherri Hill

It's a gorgeous dress, no doubt, but as you stand in the mirror picturing yourself taking prom pics, you feel like this is the kind of dress your best friend would wear, and you kindly shake your head no.
That's when the kind employee assisting you gets an idea and scurries off to the back.

You and your mom just look at each other in anticipation.

Suddenly she returns with a gown you know will be the one. It's the perfect combination of sassy, seventeen year old sophistication and "I'm still my mom's little girl". You can't wait to try it on.
Size 0 Shail K

It's a perfect light pink Shail K that curves down your figure elegantly while providing a youthful pop of color. You strut around the store thinking to yourself:

After squealing with glee in a very "say yes to the dress" kind of way, you reluctantly strip off the gown and give your mom your very best please please please please please before she smiles and happily walks over to the cashier.

You and your mom practically skip out of the store hand-in-hangar dreaming about the prom day to come. Before hopping in the car, your mom gets all teary eyed about you growing up and going away to college in a few months. Then she pulls one of these:

Since she just agreed to your dream gown, you let her hug it out, and remind yourself of how grateful you are to have that beautiful dress a great mom. As your mom takes her last suffocating squeeze, you give a knowing nod to another girl walking in the store, and silently wish you could go back in and play dress up for an hour longer...

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