Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Winter Formal Dresses to Heat Up the Season!

Fashionable cocktail dresses for winter events are often overlooked, but these designs are sure to catch your attention. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re about to see why!
While we’ve taken you through this seasons latest homecoming and prom trends, you’ve yet to see the last hurrah from the fall 2015 collections. Earlier this season we wowed you with color, sequins, jewels, and fabrics galore, but now it’s time for silhouettes to take center stage. With the temperatures dropping, you’ll have to hang up your perfect Sherri Hill two-piece and look for something fit for a Winter Wonderland. Sleeved cocktail dresses are stealing the spotlight ready to heat you and the dance floor up as the seasons start to change!

Rachel Allan
Alright, so maybe you don't have to hang up your two-piece quite yet. This sassy Rachel Allan design boasts a beautiful animal print and is paired with a separate top. Perfect for those girls who want to stay warm but just can't keep their abs out of the spotlight!

Rachel Allan
This sensual red cocktail dress will wrap you up in a warm velvety hug. The small key-hole below the bust adds a sassy touch without depriving you of the soft warmth of the form-fitting dress. The exquisite beading accentuates the silhouette of this stunning long-sleeved cocktail dress!

Shail K
Wanting to keep your arms warm but dying to show off a little skin? This gorgeous off-the-shoulder Shail K. cocktail dress is just what you need. The elegant beadwork in it's simple color adds glamour and beauty to this classy design while keeping you snuggly warm on the dance floor!

Hannah S
You're the type of girl yearning for summer. The novelty of winter, bonfires, ugg boots, and hot chocolate just don't appeal to you. Quite frankly, you wish it could be 75 degrees and sunny all year long. Alas, your clothing has to accommodate your human needs. Try this one shoulder cocktail dress that has just enough see-through elements to rebel against mother nature's temperature drop.

Hannah S
While having to add sleeves to your formal dress might seem like a drag, it only makes more room for more beading! Add glitz and glamour to your ensemble using the extra space on your dress available for beading galore. This stone-studded red cocktail dress by Hannah S will be perfect for your Winter Affair!