Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Jovani dress is the most important purchase you'll make. Ever.

    To any normal person, this may look like an unassuming white cocktail dress you’d see some girl from class dancing around in at homecoming. However, this Jovani JVN27493 lace cocktail dress actually has magical powers. You see, it has the power to transform. In a matter of seconds it has the power to change from a regular white cocktail dress to one for sorority initiation, graduation, and can even make a stylish appearance at homecoming. This one dress can carry you through some of the most important milestones of your life. 

And you just thought it looked cute on the rack.

      Your initial use will be for homecoming, obviously. As an excited teen, you’re thrilled to have any excuse to walk into your local dress boutique. Before you know it, your swimming in chiffon and have been blinded by oodles of gems and rhinestones by the end of your trip. After trying on some vibrant shades of chartreuse and lavender- you see it. The one. A clean, elegant white cocktail dress that would look perfect with your date’s simplistic style (He’ll just be thrilled he doesn’t have to wear a matching lime green tie). You’ll beg your mom to let you buy it and insist you’ll “wear it for ever formal event for the rest of your life-even your wedding!!” It is white, after all! At the time, it was a ploy just to get her to buy it for you. As she reluctantly pulls out her credit card, rolling her eyes, you make a mental list of every occasion you could pull this white dress out for....

      If you’re a senior, chances are your graduation is swiftly approaching. What does that call for? A diploma, a graduation gown, some stoles to show you were actively involved, a nice pair of wedges, and a white dress. I’m not quite sure how this tradition got started, but somehow white grad dresses are the item to have. For one, it will go with every obnoxious color your school throws on the graduation gowns and tassels, but it also gives you the opportunity to pull out your white homecoming gown again. Score!
      After graduation comes college. If you go to a large state school, you’ll likely join a sorority. For every ritual you ever do in your undergraduate sorority experience you will need some kind of white dress. While it seems redundant, all you need is one special white dress for you to wear four times a semester for the next four years. Lucky for you, you made that purchase back in high school! No matter how much your parents want you to come back home, you and them will be thrilled you won’t be paying a visit to buy another dress. 
    To keep it simple, a formal dress is a formal dress, and that’s exactly what this gown is. It’s classic and will mold to the many important events in your life. Life’s a party- dress like it. One solid gown purchase can take you to so many places and will be a blank canvas for all of the fabulous occasions you attend. By adding pops of color, trendy heels, statement earrings, and a rockin’ hair style, this dress will assist you in life’s most special occasions. 

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