Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sherri Hill's hottest trend will remind you of your best memories

     Dresses make us feel a lot of things as emotional teenage girls. Somehow, we throw on some stunning masterpiece of silk, taffeta, and beads and feel like a queen. First were gazing at our newfound selves in the mirror, grinning like a little girl. Then the next thing you know, we’re crying, freaking out and screaming “I’M SAYING YES TO THE DRESS”.

This author may or may not be speaking from personal experience.

Sherri Hill is one of those designers that takes that emotion and amplifies it by 10000%. Her designs are innovative, edgy, and just plain fun. Somehow she just knows what we want to wear. It’s like she’s stalked us all on social media and taken her ideas from some random high school junior’s selfies. It sounds crazy but it’s true. She has caught on to the latest trends doted on by young women today and she’s taken notes- like crazy good straight A student notes.

So what has she seen that has made her designs so fabulous and desired by women all over the world? Crop Tops. We love them, our parents hate them, but we wear them anyway. There’s nothing today’s teenage girl wants to wear more than a shirt that looks like she grew out of 10 years ago at any social event, homecoming not excluded. And if you were a Dora the Explorer fan like myself circa 1999, you know that little todder trend setter was rocking the style way before it was cool.

 However, Sherri Hill takes this typical night out outfit and makes it formal appropriate. 
Hold on to your basic little black dress from last year’s homecoming because this is gonna be a wild ride for you: 

Try a form fitting bedazzled style with a sheer neckline making your skin look absolutely sparkling: 

If you've got a fun-loving personality, slip into this midnight blue crop-top ensemble with a full skirt!

Want something a little more structured? No problem! You'll be pretty in pink in this little number. 

For an edgy sophisticated look, try this nude-sequin combo for a head turning ensemble. 

There are so many Sherri Hill's to choose from! You can find French Novelty's entire selection at