Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why you are NOT the one saying yes to your homecoming dress.

Every teenage girl has been there- you’re standing in front of a multi-directional mirror, eyes glittering and heart a-flutter. All eyes in the store are on you. As you swish around in the perfect cocktail length dress, you acknowledge that it was absolutely worth ripping off the hanger and pushing past every jealous girl who dared to eye your dress with envy. They didn’t matter any more, that dress was on you now. It complimented your skin tone in the only way the perfect combination of chiffon and satin can and sparkled like a diamond fresh off the press from Tiffany & Co. As it seemed angels descended and God himself open the heavens to praise your perfect dress, you take a glance to your right and all seems to drop from a perfect TLC moment to a poorly produced Hallmark tragedy. 
It’s your mother. And she's giving you a look kinda like this… 

Your heart sinks as the heavens close and the rhinestones that once glittered willfully seem to all fade into dull, withered, stones. Every vision you once held of stopping the hearts of every guy at your homecoming swore is zip-gone-dead with the deathly glare of your disapproving mother. 

But why?! You ask yourself. Why Me?!

And from that moment on you are 100,000% you are the only teenage girl who has had her heart broken by the deadlock placed upon your parents wallet due to one. little. word.


“It’s too short,” she declares. 
“Your principal will never let you walk in like that.” 
“You just don’t look right in it.”
“It’s too much.”

Alas, never fear, you’re not alone. While we all hope walking into our local dress shop (*cough* *cough* French Novelty)  that we will walk out shouting “I said Yes to the Dress!!!!”  from your mom’s arms, it’s an unfortunate truth that you might never see eye to eye. Until Now…

As the Fall season for cocktail length dresses opens, teen girls can rejoice of Fall ’15 trends that will please any conservative mama (or dad) and school administration.  
Thick straps and a proportional bust line are a great way to match your mother and schools dress code, but the extra fabric allows for extra room to be covered in immaculate stones. All that extra glitter will have you turning heads as you sparkle your way to the center of the dance floor. 

Alyce Paris
A fitted bodice brings an illusion of a lack of fabric. You might even trick your parents into thinking there’s less coverage than there really is! Sheer nude material will keep you daddy approved while incorporating it into a sassy style that will please your friends, family, and faculty!

Angela and Alison
Without the extra glitter and coverage, this omg-that-girl is fit silhouette might be too much for your poor mom’s heart to handle. Never fear- the extra pizzaz brings a conservative twist to a Bond girl’s spicy cocktail dress. 

Rachel Allan
Maybe you’re expected to have a little extra coverage, have a chilly October homecoming, or just get cold really easily. Try a dress that envelopes your arms and accents your collar bone. For those of you with budget conscious parents, you can even add in that a necklace is  not necessary for a dress like this with  an extravagant neckline!

You can have that perfect “I Said Yes to the Dress” moment. While you might not be the only one who has to say yes to it first (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!), with the help from Fall 2015’s innovative designers, you can choose a trendy style that will will get the your your parents and school administration screaming yes to your dress. 

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